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The Studio

Studio Drewtube was put together with the able assistance of Matt Shane, a Grammy Award-winning audio engineer with Eleven Audio Design.  SDT's first home in Brooklyn was where the recordings on this site took place. Update, March 2016 My long-term vision for Studio Drewtube is for it to become a non-profit studio and performance space that would benefit the Iroquois and all First Nations peoples. Part of why I've moved to the Finger Lakes region is to learn the ways of the Iroquois and to be of service to them (and vice-versa). I also want it to be a home for avant-garde and experimental music. Until I find a suitable home for SDT (hopefully in 2016), it will operate primarily as a guitar, bass, Wurli, Rhodes and digital Mellotron overdub studio (along with anything else you can plug in with an instrument cable) with all of my outboard gear minus the Charter Oak compressors and e.q.